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Will Your Business Benefit from Commercials?

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Commercials are a long-valued traditional form of advertising, but many brands have debated recently the value these slots offer organizations, especially with the price continually rising. Nielsen, however, has found that TV commercials offer one of the most trusted forms of advertising and that as many as 68 percent of consumers report taking action based on these promotions. This makes it a great option for small businesses. The key is understanding how to find the right slots for your audience. When you build a successful commercial strategy, you can expand your brand reach and drive customer engagement.

Commercials can help you target an audience.

In the past, brands had to choose between a small number of broadcast networks when they wanted to buy a commercial slot. These days, however, you have access to countless different cable stations that cater to nearly any interest. This allows you to target far more precise audiences, leading to stronger returns, making the process more affordable and more profitable for small businesses.

In addition to traditional cable networks, you can also consider the value of making commercials for streaming platforms, like Hulu. These platforms attract their own key demographics, which will allow you to create a more personalized ad.

How do I create an affordable commercial campaign for my small business?

Tip 1. Look for package deals

You want to find ways to broaden your advertising investment. For example, if the platform host also offers promotional opportunities on their website or on a radio station, your brand name can be launched even further, helping to improve your returns.

Similarly, you can also pay upfront for a package of advertising slots. By pre-paying for a few slots at once, you may be able to get a discount.

Tip 2. Focus on local networks or seasons

If you offer a brick-and-mortar business that only serves a small geographic area, then your commercial can be similarly localized. Since the ad will also be shown on a smaller network, the slot should cost less. You want to monitor the pricing patterns of the network. Often prices will rise and dip throughout the year, such as a rise seen with the premier of a much-anticipated show. Watch for seasonal dips that you can use to your advantage.

Tip 3. See what is available on streaming services

On streaming services, such as Hulu and YouTube, you can create an ad that will play before the user’s selected video. These streaming services offer incredibly large audiences. YouTube’s latest reports indicate that over a billion users frequent the platform. These numbers mean that commercials can reach an ever-growing audience.

Tip 4. Be ready, always

A few times exist when hosting platforms lower their prices for advertising space; these are known as fire sales. They don’t happen often, which means that you need to ready and regularly checking so that you can take advantage of any sales that arise.

You also want to monitor for remnant advertising. If a station did not sell all the spaces it wanted, it will sometimes offer open positions at a heavily discounted price. When these sales occur, you need to be ready quickly, so make sure your budget and commercial are prepared.

Commercials can be powerful means of reaching potential customers. Keep these tips in mind to keep your costs low while still driving success.

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