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What is Facebook Domain Verification?

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Facebook is taking steps to ensure that Page admins are honest about who they are, where they are located and transparent about the content they post. A new tool is being offered, Facebook domain verification, which makes certain only verified business owners have access to editing their domain’s titles, thumbnails and link descriptions when sharing website content on the social platform. The goal is to reduce clickbait, fake news and the spread of misinformation. Get started with domain verification for your business with these tips.

Domain Verification Overview

As a business owner, you can submit your website domain to be associated with your Facebook Page using domain verification. Essentially, you’re taking the additional step of verifying your identity as a business owner, and demonstrating that you own your website. Once you have verified your domain, your Page’s admins can update thumbnail images, headlines, and link descriptions within Facebook posts. This discourages anonymous and unscrupulous Facebook Page admins from entering misleading content into these fields.

Businesses and Domain Verification

Should you have your domain verified for your Facebook Page? Most likely, yes. Domain verification is for Page administrators who want to be able to edit the posts for their own site’s content. For example, you may want to update the thumbnail that Facebook generates when linking to your site’s content, or you may wish to shorten the link description to more concisely describe the content. These are crucial details when it comes to compelling a reader to click through to your website.

Facebook Domain Verification in Action

You’re able to verify your domains using Business Manager in your Facebook account. Here are the basic steps to get started:

  • In Business Manager, go to Settings and click on Domains.
  • Select Add New Domains; you can add as many domains as you want.
  • Click Add and that domain will be included in your list of domains under the Brand Safety tab.

Depending on your domain registrar, you will need to proceed with DNS Verification or HTML File Upload:

  • For DNS verification, you will see a list of the steps you need to take for your domain registration process. Facebook does not verify your domain until you have completed these steps. Once you have completed the process with your domain registrar, it can take up to 72 hours to verify your domain.
  • Using HTML File Upload, the process is much faster, but you will need administrative access to the root folder on your website to take this route.

After your domain has been verified by Facebook, you are able to assign Pages to particular domains. If you have a business partner and want to share your domain with them, Facebook domain verification allows you to ‘Connect partner to domain’ for up to 30 days. This allows you to collaborate with associates and efficiently manage your Facebook Page.

Validate your online presence with the use of Facebook domain verification for your business today.

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