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What a Brand Video Can Do for Your Business

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It’s no secret that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. A well-made brand video captures your audience’s attention and speaks to their emotions and experiences. Learn more about what a brand video can do to boost your small business and attract the right customers.

What Makes a Brand Video Special?

A brand video doesn’t sell a product or service; it sells you. It’s what drove you to start your business, the values you embrace and your role in the community. In an environment saturated with similar products and services, consumers search for someone they can believe in. That’s where you come in. Show your audience the core of who you are and how you add value to individuals, families, communities, and the planet. Tell your story, and tell it well.

Bang for Your Buck

Depending on its complexity and scope, a brand video can vary in cost, but don’t be stingy with production. While it may seem like a large investment, keep in mind that the video communicates the heart and soul of your brand to the world. Paying a little more for quality now will pay off in spades down the road. You don’t want to pinch pennies here.

Make Viewers Think and Feel

Thoughts and feelings define the human experience. We all have powerful emotions attached to important experiences. Think about how your brand video can inspire curiosity and action. What does your audience strive for? What are their goals and dreams, fears and limitations? How can your brand fulfill their needs and empower them to better their lives?

Telling the Truth

You can be creative, witty, dramatic or inspirational… but you must tell the truth. You, your team and your audience must all believe that your message is genuine. If your brand video doesn’t represent the goals of your business, you won’t fool your audience, and you may be digging a hole you may not be able to crawl out of. You don’t have to divulge all your secrets, but you do have to be real.

Build Your Fan Base

If your brand video goes “viral” (or becomes quickly popular among viewers because it is meaningful, relevant or entertaining), it has the power to quickly convert unassuming viewers into fans and loyal brand advocates. They will visit your website, follow you on social media and share your content with friends and family. Investors will want to learn more about your business, and you may even win over brand influencers who can help promote your brand on Twitter, Instagram and other social media venues.

Attract Talented Employees

A compelling brand video doubles as an impressive job listing. Talented employees are attracted to quality, and your brand video might just lead them to your door over the competition.

Airing and Sharing

A brand video can be used in many places – a :60 spot can be aired on TV, with longer versions published to YouTube, and shorter versions shared through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram posts and Instagram Stories, both organically and as part of a paid ad campaign. Thinking ahead about the many ways you can use your brand video will increase your return on investment.

Producing a compelling brand video is a key to building brand loyalty and standing out from the competition. With a full spectrum of marketing services, Cable ONE Advertising can create a customized campaign to help you achieve all your short and long term brand goals.

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