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Video Recruiting

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Video Recruiting

If you think it’s getting tricky to find the right talent for your business, you’re not alone. That’s because other mid-sized businesses are competing for the same labor pool. So if you want to attract good candidates, you have to do more than post on a job website. You need to stand out.

Increasingly, businesses are turning to video to help tell their story. In fact, Hubspot reports that 52 percent of marketers name video as the type of content with the highest return. Think you might try video to get noticed by job seekers? Start with these tips on using videos to recruit high-quality talent.

Don’t just tell, show them.

A job description can tell applicants what duties they’ll be performing. But a video can show them what it’s like to work for your company. One way to do this is with day-in-the-life videos that take applicants through a “typical” workday. It’s your chance to showcase your employees, facility, culture, or commitment to the community. Any of these things show how you’re different from the competition (and why they should come work for you).

Link-up your existing programs.

Consider all of the ways you can link your video to existing efforts. For example, include a link to it on job websites, both in your company profile and in specific job postings. Make it a central part of the careers section of your company website. Include a link to it as part of your email signature. Looking for a way to stand out at a job fair? Run the video in your booth. It can be a great conversation starter.

Socialize your video message.

A powerful advantage of social media is its ability to reach not just followers, but friends of followers. Wordstream reports that social video generates 1,200 percent more shares than text and image posts combined. So post your recruiting video on your social websites and exponentially increase your reach to more potential applicants. One source cites posts with a video link get 36 percent more applicants. You can also feature your video in sponsored content aimed at increasing the “likes” to your company page. That gives you the opportunity to engage with your talent community on a regular basis.

Make video part of your interview process.

Video can do more than attract applicants. It can also help you deliver a memorable interview experience. Consider including a one-minute video message as part of your communication to key candidates. It can be as simple as a friendly video reminder of an upcoming interview telling applicants what to expect, what to bring, and potential next-steps. These unexpected touchpoints help brand your company as a favorable place to work.

Support your post-recruiting proposition.

The recruiting process doesn’t end when you extend an offer. Video can help you reinforce what attracted them in the first place. Use it as part of your onboarding efforts. Potential subjects include the company history and culture, employee benefits, customer profiles, or employee clubs or interest groups.

Video can be an effective way to attract top talent. You can tell your company’s story in a compelling way and separate your business from the competition. Start with these tips to get the attention of job seekers in your area.

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