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Video Pre-Roll: What is It and How Can You Use It?

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Cable ONE Advertising - What Is Video Pre-roll

By 2021, Cisco estimates that every second will see 17,000 hours of video cross global IP networks. Experts also estimate that more than 80 percent of web traffic by that time will be video.

Video has become a top content priority for brands across nearly every industry. Not only has it become popular with web users, but it also produces results for brands. A study from Wyzowl found that seventy two percent of videos say that video has improved their conversion rates.

Brands already understand the importance of high-quality video. However, to tap into this potential, video pre-roll offers organizations the opportunity to see even more return from their video-marketing efforts. If you do not know what video pre-roll is, you are not alone. Here is what you need to know about this form of advertising and how it can benefit your company.

What is a video pre-roll?

Video pre-roll might be likened to the previews you see before a movie. When you go to the theater or put on a DVD at home, you sit through promotions for other movies and shows that might interest you. Video pre-roll works the same way. It consists of a short ad that plays before the video begins. You have likely seen them yourself when visiting popular video platforms, such as YouTube. According to one study, they are 8-25 times more effective than banner ads.

There are several different types of video pre-rolls. Some allow users to skip the ad after a few seconds of viewing. Others will require a full watch. They can cover a number of different styles and topics. Brands might produce these ads to cover:

  • New sales they will promote on their website
  • Testimonials from existing customers to demonstrate their value
  • Information about new or existing products and services to excite potential customers
  • Tips for those who already use the product or service to get the most out of their purchase.

Why are video pre-rolls valuable?

Video pre-rolls allow brands to tap into an already attentive audience. People who view your ad have already decided to watch a video. This means you have their attention.
You can also add features to your pre-roll that will further engage viewers. For example, they can click through to your site. This allows you to tap into the same instinct that you see activated by the impulse-buy shelves near grocery store checkout lanes. You have the chance to interest customers and then allow them to immediately see what you have to offer with little effort. You can tap into their desire for quick gratification through these features.

Since your ads will run before particular videos, you can also target your ads towards key demographics. Research the audience reached with particular video search terms and see what types of videos your audience appreciates. Through this insight, you can target people with the interests most likely to align with your business. This will boost your relevancy and expand your audience, helping you to achieve a higher rate of engagement and more visits to your website.

Videos offers entertaining, personal ways to interact with your customers. Thanks to video pre-roll, you can also take advantage of advertising opportunities through the rising popularity of video.

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