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Using Aerial Photos to Market Your Business

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Drones aren’t just for military operation; they play an increasing role in both personal pursuits and business matters. The Federal Aviation Administration recently reported that registered drones eclipsed one million, including over 120,000 commercial and public drones. Many of these unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are specifically designed to capture aerial photos for marketing purposes.

Aerial photos provide unique opportunities for a variety of marketing initiatives. From real estate and construction to hospitality and even agriculture, this unique marketing effort will see significant growth in the next few years. If you’re looking to gain an edge on the competition, aerial photos could be the tool you never knew you needed — read on to learn why:

Why Aerial Photos?

In an Instagram age, customers demand high-quality photos that accurately capture the look and feel of outdoor spaces. Aerial photographs provide an exceptional first impression, prompting a sense of awe that is ideally recreated when customers show up in person.
Aerial photography is also useful in that it offers a more accurate feel for expansive spaces. One high-quality aerial image can capture what dozens of standard photos may miss.

Which Businesses Benefit Most from Aerial Photos?

If you’re looking to excite prospective clients or customers with perfectly manicured grounds or otherwise impressive features, aerial photography is right for you. While aerial photos can prove beneficial for a variety of businesses, they’re especially valuable for resorts, golf courses, apple orchards, wedding venues, and other outdoors-oriented businesses. Still in their infancy as a niche area of photography, aerial images remain an untapped tool with plenty of potential in several other fields, including agriculture, construction, and education.

Real estate presents one of the greatest areas of opportunity. Promising MLS statistics indicate that listings sell 68% more quickly when accompanied by aerial photos. These photos make for especially impressive featured images, as they provide depth and dimension not captured in standard real estate photos.

Making the Most of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a quickly growing niche — and professionals are eager to capitalize on this opportunity. It’s therefore imperative that you research your options carefully. The wrong company will not only fail to capture your business as you want them to — it could land you in legal trouble.
First and foremost: any aerial photographer you hire should be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The agency imposes strict limits on drone photography, especially for commercial purposes. Restrictions include:

• Pilots must maintain current certification.
• Drones should not exceed the FAA recommended maximum height.
• Unmanned aircraft should not fly near public events.
• All unmanned aerial systems should be registered.

Aerial photographers should willingly share certifications, authorizations, and any other information indicating safe and legal practices. Don’t invest in aerial photography services unless you can be sure that your prospective photographer abides by all FAA regulations.

Safety practices don’t end with FAA authorization. The best aerial photographers go above and beyond to minimize hazards. This means keeping up to date with weather conditions and rescheduling when necessary.

Aerial photos present a wonderful marketing opportunity for a wide range of business owners. Research and evaluate prospective photographers carefully, and you will emerge with breathtaking images that capture customers’ attention.

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