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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business on Facebook

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With nearly 2.2 billion active users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. No company can afford to forego such a massive pool of potential customers, making Facebook central to virtually every successful company’s digital marketing plan. To ensure success on this all-important network, consider these strategies:

1. Obtain Blueprint Certifications

Facebook offers two Blueprint Certifications, or credentials that recognize your proficiency with online advertising. One acknowledges your ability to plan an effective Facebook campaign, while the other reflects your ad buying skills. Obtaining either certification, or preferably both, will give you the skills to navigate Facebook’s advertising space effectively; it will also allow you to put a badge on your profile that lets others recognize your digital marketing prowess. To get each certification, you’ll have to pay an entry fee of $150 and pass a test on your knowledge of Facebook ads.

2. Create Boost Posts

Boost posts are Facebook posts that appear in the news feed of potential customers, whom you can target based on age, location, interests, and other factors. These posts are a highly successful way to raise awareness of and interest in your company, provided you target them effectively. Make sure to build as specific an idea as possible of who your potential customers are, as well as the time they are most likely to be online and what type of posts they’ll respond to. You should also have a strategic goal in mind for your post. Are you wanting to increase brand visibility? Increase website traffic? Promote a new product or service?

3. Create a Facebook Like Campaign

Like campaigns are drives to get as many people as possible to like your company page, thereby providing both publicity and positive impressions. A successful like campaign involves tagging your page in external Facebook posts, suggesting the page to friends and connecting it to Twitter, blogs and other social media platforms. You can also use a Like Box plugin, which allows people to like your page while looking at other sites. Finally, offering free promotions and contests is a great way to bring people to your page and get them to like it.

4. Use Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads offer users the ability to sign up for estimates, newsletters and other information. When someone clicks on these ads, they will be redirected to a form where they can enter their contact information. This has the benefit of putting customers in the driver seat, so that only those who are truly interested in your products or services end up receiving more information. These ads are most effective if you target them carefully and incorporate them with CRM solutions.

5. Stream with Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a video streaming service that lets you broadcast directly to your followers. You can use this to show customers your daily activities, share tips and tricks for your products or invite them into other discussions or activities with your company. You can also host online influencers in your live streams. These live sessions can humanize your company and build trust with your client base, attract potential customers’ attention and lead them to view your company positively.

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