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Top 10 SEO Tricks You Should Be Using to Promote Your Website

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SEO Tricks

You know that your business website is crucial to your marketing plan, but how do you attract visitors to your site and convert them into customers? Your focus needs to be directed to SEO. Search engine optimization involves the tools needed to help your customers find your company in the vast digital landscape of the internet. Everyone wants to know the next best SEO tricks, which is why we’ve scouted the top marketing influencers to find these top 10 tips.

SEO Tricks to Try Today

1. Invest in a professionally designed website for your business that has been optimized for mobile access. Mobile-first indexing means that businesses without a good mobile site will be negatively impacted in the search results.
2. Incorporate embeddable images into your site. These images work like infographics to give you more content that can be shared and back-linked by other sites.
3. Hit readers hard with headlines that do more than summarize the story. Headlines should feature your keyword, but keep it all within 70 characters for best results when the headline shows up in search listings.
4. Fill in the blanks of your behind-the-scenes content by including keywords in captions, filenames, alt text, infographics, and drawings. Every piece of content gets crawled for search engine purposes and is the valuable real estate for your SEO strategy.
5. Go for the long click. What this means is your readers are coming to your website and sticking around long enough to read your content. This is exactly what you want to happen. Make your content high-quality, grammar-free, and focused on specific topics and keywords that users are searching for.
6. Let Latent-Semantic Indexing serve you well. LSI is a Google technology that enables the Hummingbird search to find similar phrases of keywords. The purpose is to remove the stiff-sounding SEO keywords with content that is more natural.
7. Listen to the SEO experts. Inc. reports that the top three SEO marketing influencers of 2018 are Rand Fishkin, Guy Sheetrit, and Vanessa Fox. Follow these influencers and pay attention to what they have to say for SEO tricks throughout the year.
8. Speed up the search process by checking out your page speed. If you’ve ever clicked out of a website because the page wouldn’t load, then you know all too well the importance of this tip. Entrepreneur explains that tools like compressions, browser caching, and image optimization all help improve site speeds.
9. Be stingy with linking to other sites. While you need to provide credible resources within your content, both for authority and link building, not all links are worthy of the task. Link only to high-quality domains that can help boost your own visibility. For the rest of your sources, simply list these after your article for proper credit.
10. Stay above the board when working with SEO tactics. If you are new to online marketing and have heard of black hat SEO as a fast way to leap ahead of the competition, run as fast as you can from this. The last thing you want to do in 2018 is trying to trick Google into giving your website more leverage in the search engine results.

Take these ten SEO tricks and refocus your online marketing strategy. Evaluate your efforts regularly to see what kind of results you garner by the end of the year.

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