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The New Way to Advertise: Instagram Story

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a sequence of pictures, music and design can tell a powerful story. One of the most iconic social media platforms offers a creative and cost-effective way to get your brand in the limelight. Advertise to your audience in a more interesting and engaging way through Instagram Story.

What Is Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is a tool that allows businesses to advertise their products and services in the form of a short video or series of images. The ads appear in line with the Stories of accounts you follow and can be a powerful way to engage your audience.

Why Use Instagram Story?

Instagram is one of the most influential social media outlets, and its Story feature has well over 250 million users. With Story Ads, you can pinpoint a target demographic and tailor your message to drive engagement and action.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Your Story isn’t the only one out there, so you want to make sure your audience knows who’s telling it. While big-name brands can get away with subtlety, most brands want to announce their presence clearly and immediately. This can be done by showing your product alongside your brand name at the beginning of the story, having your logo present throughout the story and using minimal design to draw focus to your brand. Consider using contrasting colors and white space to make sure your brand is at the center of attention.

Be Relevant and Add Value

Instagram Story may be a new marketing medium, but it follows the same basic rules. Your Story must be timely, relevant and aligned with your brand strategy. Above all, it must offer value to your audience, whether educational, financial or emotional. For example, you might show your product in action in believable ways that add value to daily life. You might go for a short tutorial that solves a vital need for information. Roll out the holiday posts during the holidays. It’s all about structure and foresight.

Provide Brand Updates

You can use Instagram Story Ads to reveal upcoming products and new happenings with your business. These are best targeted to your followers, who have already shown interest in your brand and would appreciate learning about the exciting new things you have to offer. While it’s important to reach out to new customers, it’s even more important to show appreciation and cater to your existing base.

Hook Your Audience

In terms of attention span, Instagram is no different than traditional marketing venues. Your audience has limited attention and a sea of brands looking to secure their focus. Whether you choose an image or a video, you want the first shot to grab attention. Use contrasting colors, action shots and emotion-inducing images to encourage viewers to stick around.

Partner with Brand Influencers

Depending on your budget and target demographic, featuring an influencer in your Stories can catapult your brand to a new level in the minds of your audience. You may assume the best influencer is an A-list celebrity, but more likely they’re someone who already follows you and understands your brand. Reach out to your followers with partnership opportunities, and help each other out.

Mastering Instagram Story takes trial and error. You have a short window in which to deliver a powerful message. Take some time to browse the Stories of brands you follow, find the ones that speak to you, and adapt those strategies into your own Story Ads.

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