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Streamline the HR Onboarding Process with Video

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The HR onboarding process sets the stage for an employee’s entire workforce experience. Starting on the right foot is essential, and HR plays a critical role in ensuring that employees understand their rights and responsibilities. The process can be frustratingly clunky, however — particularly if several new employees are brought in at once. Explore the benefits of video onboarding and read on for tips to streamline this critical process.

The Benefits of Video Onboarding

Video onboarding offers several unique benefits that make it a valued alternative to traditional training methods. First and foremost, video onboarding is consistent. With videos, all employees receive the same message and are exposed to the same brand language. This ensures that they understand the company’s core values and philosophy, rather than HR reps’ varying interpretation of those values. Consistent messaging is particularly valuable for larger companies with teams spread over significant distances. All employees receive the same message and are therefore more likely to understand the crux of the company’s mission.

Not only are different HR reps likely to share slightly different messages, time spent onboarding takes away from their other duties. Onboarding videos spread the desired message more effectively while saving HR reps’ valuable time. These videos prevent scheduling conflicts and allow new employees to get started almost immediately — no need to work around HR representative availability.

Another increasingly significant benefit of video onboarding: in an age of freelance and remote work, video onboarding provides an easy means of training without requiring employees to appear in person. As the prevalence of remote work increases, video onboarding will likely become the preferred approach to welcoming new remote employees into the fold.

How to Use Video More Effectively During the HR Onboarding Process

Video can streamline the HR onboarding process, but it takes strategic implementation. The following are a few of the most common approaches to getting new hires up to speed by way of video:

Use Videos to Introduce New Hires to Their Teams and Environment

The first day on a new job can feel overwhelming, even for seasoned professionals. Onboarding videos can make new hires feel welcome in a way that is virtually impossible with written materials. Welcome videos could contain greetings from experienced employees, team leads, even CEOS. Introduce them to the faces and places that will be familiar to them over time.

Help Employees Pick Up New Skills and Processes

Not all new hires have the benefit of access to the last person in their position. Sometimes, video is the best (or only) way to pass on critical knowledge to a new employee. Demonstrations provided in these videos may prove more effective for visual learners. Best of all, employees can play back videos as often as necessary. This allows new employees to learn at their own pace and fully absorb new concepts. Some companies even provide video management tools or systems that allow employees to pause at key points in the video and take notes. Employees can then refer back to these personal notes time and again as they continue in their position.
Video onboarding can make employees feel welcome and prepared to take on the challenges and opportunities of their new job. It can be key to streamlining the onboarding process and promoting a more consistent company culture starting with each employee’s first day.

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