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Revamping Your Online Presence

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Online Presence

First you were told to get a website. Then everyone said social media was the way to go. Now web video is hitting its stride in terms of content creation, and it has marketing teams scrambling for the best content strategy. The reality is, with the rapid-fire changes of the internet, simply having an online presence is not good enough. Your competition, search engine algorithm updates, the global economy…so many factors affect the position of your brand image online. Revamp your online presence with these tips for social media, websites, and video.

Social Media Online Presence

The number of people using social media continues to increase in 2018. According to the Pew Research Center, most American adults are spending their online social time on Facebook (68%) and YouTube (73%). Here’s a breakdown of other top social media platforms and their use in 2018:

• Instagram – 35%
• Pinterest – 29%
• Snapchat – 27%
• LinkedIn – 25%
• Twitter – 24%
• WhatsApp – 22%

Take this information to heart and refocus your social media efforts. Look at your audience demographics to determine if you should revamp your presence on YouTube, Facebook, or a combination of these and other platforms you may not even be using yet.

Pew Research states that 94% of adults 18 to 24 are using YouTube, while 80% are on Facebook, and 78% are into SnapChat. And among adults over 50 years old, 56% use YouTube, 55% use Facebook, and only 7% are on SnapChat. Go to where your audience is on social media, and narrow down where you expend your online marketing efforts.

Web Videos for Marketing Purposes

If you noticed that YouTube is the most popular social media platform across all age groups, you were paying attention to those last stats. Yes, you can produce videos and share them on any social media platform including your own website. However, YouTube’s billion-user platform is a far better place to share your video content. So if your videos are currently only found on your website or other platform, add them to your YouTube channel.

According to Forbes, one thing you should be doing with your video content to bring it up to speed in 2018 involves search engine optimization (SEO). That’s right, keywords have a special place in video content, too. Optimize your video content by planning it around one or two specific keywords. Include these keywords in your audio script, video descriptions, summaries, and titles so they’ll get picked up in search algorithms.

Professional Business Website

Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook are fantastic for reaching the greatest number of users at any given time. But you don’t have total control over the platform and how you share your content with users. With a professional business website, you do. This gives you flexibility to control your brand image and share only what you want with your audience.
Consider your website the lighthouse beacon for your brand in the online marketplace. No matter what social media platforms you may or may not be on, your website remains an anchored place for customers to go to connect with your company. Yet just like the rest of your online presence, you want to update your website content, including those static ‘About’ and ‘Home’ pages from time to time. Keep customers up to date with recent news and company updates.

With these three areas of focus, you can revamp your online presence within the course of a workweek. Start seeing changes today and improve your online marketing capabilities.

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