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Questions to Ask When Choosing an Advertising Agency

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Advertising Agency

An advertising agency provides all varieties of marketing services. In addition to creating and planning advertising campaigns, agencies may offer promotional or marketing services to clients. Digital advertisers generally create and manage online ads, handle social media and mobile marketing, while traditional advertisers specialize in radio commercials, TV commercials, and print advertising. Whether you have worked with an agency in the past, or this is your first experience, there are certain questions you should ask a potential advertising agency.

Questions to Ask an Advertising Agency

Before you sign a contract with an advertising agency, make a list of questions you want to ask your prospective provider. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • How do you optimize and adjust your advertising efforts throughout each campaign?
  • What metrics does your agency track? How will you measure results, and do you provide your clients with reports?
  • Speaking of reports, will you be available to explain the data to my colleagues and me?
  • What are the fees and tiers associated with the advertising products I need for my company? Are your fee structures set in stone or do you offer options for add-on services? The truth is some advertising agencies are out of the ballpark in terms of SMB budgets. These are important question to ask, especially if the pricing is not clear-cut.
  • Can I save money by getting only the advertising services I can afford, or do I have to pay for services that are a lower priority?
  • What are your contract terms? Is there a termination fee?
  • May I meet or talk with my account manager at any time? How is communication arranged? If I am out of town, do you provide videoconference or phone conference services?
  • May I speak with a current client? If the advertising agency does not list their references on their website or in a portfolio, ask to see them.
  • Will you conduct original marketing research when working for my company, or do you generic data?

Finding Your Advertising Agency

This list of questions to ask your prospective advertising agency is not comprehensive by any means. But ideally, this list has stimulated your own thoughts about what you expect to get from the agency whose services you enlist. Think about what’s important to your company and how the right agency can help you reach your goals.
As a final tip, submit your questions via email so that the agency has time to think about their answers and get back to you. This also gives you written documentation and a history of your communication, which can help you stay organized when shopping around among multiple ad agencies.

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