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Our Guide to Increasing Sales with Video Blogging

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Video blogs have dominated YouTube from the very beginning, but only recently have top brands discovered their value for driving sales. Widely regarded as more authentic than other forms of video marketing, vlogs capture audiences that are turned off by traditional marketing efforts.

Why Video Blogging Works Wonders

Ample research suggests that websites with videos receive more traffic than sites with primarily text-based content. Not only do more users visit these sites, they spend more time on these pages. Vlogs have the distinct ability to build communities of connected customers who care about your brand, your message, and each other.

Suggestions for Launching an Effective Video Blogging Campaign Invest in Quality Equipment

Today’s consumers demand high-quality videos. The right equipment can make a huge difference. Tailor purchases to your video blogging goals; a built-in webcam may be sufficient for some vloggers, but others require DSLR or action cameras. A soft-light kit can deliver drastic lighting improvements, while a shotgun microphone will strengthen audio quality. Non-linear editing programs allow you to effortlessly cut content and piece it together in a way that appeals to viewers.
Other practical equipment investments include:

  • Tripod or mini tripod for camera support
  • USB microphone
  • Wireless lavalier microphone (a lapel mic)
  • Portable audio recorder
  • Green screen and appropriate lighting

Record New Vlogs Regularly

With video blogging, consistency is key. Followers will quickly lose interest if you wait too long to post new content. The most effective video marketing campaigns include daily, or at minimum, weekly videos.

Connect with Customers on YouTube

YouTube is critical to video blogging success. According to a recent announcement from CEO Susan Wojcicki, nearly two billion users log in to the video platform every month — and that doesn’t count users who watch videos without logging in. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat may waver in popularity over time, but YouTube remains a consistent hit.

Share Video Blogs on Social Media

Social media should play a central role in your video blogging strategy. Upload videos directly to your Facebook page or share links to YouTube. Display clips on Instagram, and encourage visitors to view the full version on your website. Encourage customers to share or retweet; followers should feel compelled to get the word out.

Get Personal

Video blogs should feel distinctively different from other marketing videos. Vlogs are, by nature, more personal. This is your opportunity to connect with followers on a deeper level. Younger viewers are particularly wary of overly-promotional material, so ditch the salesy language and find informal, relatable ways to connect.

Take Advantage of Live Video Feeds

Facebook states that users spend far more time on live video streams than they do on standard videos and are ten times as likely to comment. Live video represents a valuable opportunity to build trusting relationships with customers who demand an authentic connection.

Work with a Professional

Professional videographers know exactly how to deliver what your audience demands in a vlog. A professional can craft a polished product that better reflects your core brand message without salesy language and visuals. They know how to create the authentic connection your customers crave. Additionally, they can help you develop your live video blogging strategy while avoiding common blunders that you might make while learning the ropes yourself. The right professional could dramatically improve your video campaign’s ROI while allowing you to dedicate your valuable time and effort to other projects.

Don’t discount the power of vlogs in today’s media-driven market. Video blogging could be your most effective tool for developing strong, enduring relationships with valued consumers. This is your opportunity to build an authentic connection and develop a more dedicated customer base.

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