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Is Your Business Ready to Hire a Marketing Agency?

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Whether you’re a new startup or an established small business, marketing is a key element of success. Having a third party design your next campaign can reveal new insights and give you more time to focus on building your business. When do you know it’s time to hire a marketing agency? Here are some signs it’s time for your small business to grow with the help of a marketing agency.

The DIY Dilemma

The entrepreneurial spirit drives many small business owners to tackle marketing on their own. While it’s easy to purchase ad space and run basic ads, carrying out a full-fledged marketing campaign requires immense research, resources and talent. Is your copy compelling, relevant and value-driven? Does your design capture the audience’s attention? Have you analyzed the optimal keyword phrases to maximize your online exposure? What about video production and social media? Chances are you don’t have time to master all of these skills alone. Attempting to launch a rushed marketing campaign not only wastes time and effort, it can tarnish your brand image before you even leave the gate.

If DIY isn’t an option, that leaves a few alternatives: hire an in-house marketing employee, recruit a team of in-house marketing professionals or hire a third-party marketing agency.

Managing Your Budget

While hiring an employee may seem more cost-effective than contracting with a marketing agency, the reality may surprise you. The total cost of an employee includes not only base salary, but also taxes, health insurance, retirement contributions, time off, bonuses, and more. You’ll also need to invest both time and money to advertise the job opening, interview candidates and train the new employee. These costs can pile up and quickly eclipse the expense of hiring a marketing agency.

Scope of Ability

Even if you choose the in-house route, it’s unlikely that a single employee can handle all the tasks and nuances associated with marketing. Such a super-employee would need to be a data analyst, social media pro, copywriter, graphic designer, web designer, video editor, and computer programmer all-in-one. The alternative would be to hire an entire marketing team – a massive investment that’s out of reach for most small businesses.

What a Marketing Agency Can Do for You

An experienced marketing agency will not only help you promote your products and services, but can also be a source of ideas for your next big product or service. The longer you work with your agency, the better they will get to know your brand and help you engage your audience. Below are just a few tasks a marketing agency can tackle:

  • Perform targeted market research within your niche.
  • Devise and execute complex marketing campaigns.
  • Handle all design, copywriting, data analysis, and sales tasks.
  • Dive right in to the project without training.
  • Get the job done without additional overhead or HR complications.
  • Serve as a tax deduction as opposed to a tax liability.
  • Launch effective marketing campaigns on short notice.

Evaluate your in-house capabilities along with your budget and short and long term goals to determine whether a marketing agency can deliver a high return on your investment.

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