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Increase Engagement with Instagram Stories

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Increase Engagement

Instagram boasts more than 500 million active users which represents a goldmine for marketers. Sixty percent of micro-influencers believe it offers the best platform for engagement. Instagram Stories encourage people to stay on the platform even longer, so incorporating Stories into your marketing strategy can be an excellent way to maximize your potential success.

Pay close attention to how you can take advantage of this highly visual platform to build your brand. If you want to take your Instagram Stories to the next level and increase engagement, here are four ideas to incorporate into your next campaign.

1. Use hashtags in your Instagram Stories to help people discover you

The right hashtags can make a tremendous difference in your visibility. You want to use hashtags that will get your main ideas across without being too generic. For example, using the hashtag “#fashion” will force you to compete against countless others, and your post will likely sink to the bottom. Instead, use a combination of trending hashtags as well as industry-specific ones to help people discover your Stories.

2. Use links and shares to drive traffic to your feed

Let people know about your Stories by linking to your Instagram account from your other social media profiles and your website. If you have a consistent blog readership or a large Twitter following, for example, you can promote your Instagram Stories and encourage customers to follow you there as well.

3. Use polls and questions

Asking people questions and offering polls can be a great way to engage with your audience. It allows you to solicit feedback from your followers in a professional and engaging way. Rather than having them click through dry content, you can incorporate fun images and user-generated content to create a poll within a story. You can gain valuable insight on topics such as what new products your followers would like to see or what drives their decision making when buying your products, and they have a few seconds of enjoyment by engaging with your story and having their voice heard. Many brands find that incorporating polls into their Stories improve their engagement metrics. You can track your own progress using Instagram Insights.

4. Learn from your most successful Instagram Stories

As you build your Instagram Stories, monitor your success rates carefully. See which Stories received the best engagement statistics. Look at the content and the hashtags you used. Start to develop a plan for future content based on these successful examples.

Instagram Stories can be strong means of building engagement and brand awareness. People get a visual platform where they can engage directly with your business and learn about your brand. Take the time to optimize your strategy with these tips and see how you can improve your Instagram efforts.

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