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How to Use Testimonials to Increase Sales

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Word of mouth, online reviews, social media posts praising a product… these are all forms of testimonials. As a business, these first-person unpaid testimonials are gold. You can drive up visibility and increase sales without any expense to you. People trust the word of friends and influencers, and are more likely to buy something that comes highly recommended. This form of organic marketing is great, but how can you implement the use of testimonials to get the most benefit? Start with these methods for putting testimonials to work.

Finding Customer Testimonials

First, any testimonial you use online must come from an actual customer. Never create your own testimonials as this is not only a fraudulent practice, but one your potential customers will see right through. You also need to get permission from the customer before you use their comments in any commercial manner.

If you are not sure about where to find useable testimonials, start with asking your customers for their feedback. What should you ask when requesting a customer testimonial via a product or service review? According to Entrepreneur, the best testimonials are above all good, positive, and beneficial, so avoid trying to look for testimonials that slam a competitor. Instead, ask customers to highlight the benefits of using your product or service. Request details and information to back up your customer’s claims to make the testimonial more credible.

Web Page Content Applications

Once you have an array of customer testimonials, you need to decide how to share them, and your website is the first place you should go. This is where you control the content and have the advantage of positioning these statements in the most effective place. Consider creating an entire page dedicated to customer comments, while including segments of testimonials throughout the rest of your website.

Include these comments on the homepage, taking note to use the best testimonials here. Use customers’ statements in articles and blog posts as a gentle reminder of how others perceive your company. Ultimately, there is no hard rule about limiting the number of customer comments you use on your website. Sprinkle these statements on every web page either in a sidebar, subheading, or call to action.

Creating Video Testimonials

Video marketing is cutting edge, flexible and easy to digest, making it the way of the future in content marketing. By 2019, Inc. estimates that 80 percent of all internet traffic will be via video. Approximately 90 percent of people who watch videos say this form of content helps them make purchasing decisions. It’s a natural fit for testimonials to become part of this category of content.

For best results, Forbes suggests keeping testimonial videos at 45 to 60 seconds. Include a personal introduction from the individual giving a testimonial, followed by a summary of how your product or service improved their life in some way.

Benefits of Customer Reviews

The good thing about customer reviews is you can start using these today to increase sales for your business. This is a free source of marketing that also offers your company insight into the way your customers feel about your products or services.

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