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How to Gain Customer Trust and Stay Top of Mind

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Customer Trust

Capturing customers’ interest and earning their trust is easier said than done. These days, your prospects have many choices – so how can you increase trust and stay top of mind? Read on for tips that will keep customers coming to you.

Always Place the Customer’s Needs First

You won’t always have the solution a customer needs, and that’s okay. Too many businesses make the mistake of pushing the wrong products and services onto customers, or trying to make a sale when the customer clearly isn’t interested. This communicates to the customer that you care more about your bottom line than truly serving their needs. Honesty is the best policy. If you can’t help them, let them know courteously, and point them in the right direction.

Represent Your Products and Services Accurately

It’s all too easy to exaggerate the features of a product or the benefits of a service. If you set customers’ hopes too high, they’re bound to be disappointed when they don’t get the results you promised. Be as accurate and upfront as possible. Provide product measurements, materials, handling instructions, and limitations. Make sure customers know what your service can and can’t do. If you quote a price, don’t charge extra. If a project will take at least a week, don’t lead the customer to believe it will be done in two days. Give the customer as much information as possible, and let them make a decision based on solid facts.

Become a Trusted Resource

Help your customers reach their goals, and they’ll return the favor. One of the best ways to gain customer trust is by providing valuable, relevant content. Examples include how-to articles, video tutorials, product demonstrations, educational blog posts, and stories of personal experiences with common issues your customers’ face. Stay on top of the latest news in your industry, and keep your followers up to date. You could also elect to speak at a community event or volunteer your time to show your audience that you’re more than a business looking to maximize profit.

Be Proactive in Fixing Problems

Don’t wait until three days after the sale to inform the customer that the product is out of stock or that there will be a delay in shipping. Invest in inventory management software or hire staff to keep tabs on every order to avoid problems and resolve issues promptly. Don’t make excuses or assign blame. Inform the customer of the issue ASAP, apologize sincerely and offer a solution. It’s also a good idea to send them an exclusive discount or freebie for the trouble.

Be Available

Whether by phone, email, social media, or in person, customers should be able to contact you and hear back within a reasonable time frame, usually within 24 hours or the next business day. If you will be closed or have modified hours, let customers know via social media and email.

Show Respect

Whether to customers, competitors, employees, or unknown visitors to your social media page, you should always show respect. Being petty or putting down a competitor or dissatisfied customer will ruin your professional image, and word of your behavior will spread fast. Always take the high road, even when the other side chooses low.

With these strategies at your disposal, you can boost your brand’s credibility, convert visitors into lifelong customers, and earn more business when your current customers tell their friends and family about you. The more you help your customers achieve their goals, the more they will trust you and keep you in mind the next time they need your services, and the more your business will thrive.

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