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Facebook Live Best Practices

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Facebook Live videos take the personal interaction craved by consumers to an entirely new level. This feature allows you to livestream videos across the popular social media platform, directly engaging your viewers. This type of video has been catching on quickly. One in five videos posted on Facebook is now live. Viewers have also responded positively to the feature– they watch live videos 3 times longer than standard videos and comment 10 times more often. If you want to take advantage of Facebook Live for your brand, here are four ways to improve your broadcasts.

Broadcast frequently about a variety of subjects

You want to go live on a regular basis. Like any form of social media communication, regular postings help people find you and engage with you. If your audience starts to expect content from you, they become more likely to follow you directly.
As you create your live broadcasts, don’t underestimate the value of doing different types of videos. Variety will keep people interested in what you have to say. Some ideas for your business might be:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the business
  • Interviews with staff members
  • Sneak peaks at company celebrations or events
  • Up-close look at your products or services
  • Tips and tricks for using your products or services

Let people know about your Facebook Live broadcasts beforehand

Promoting your broadcasts in advance will help drive interest and let people know when to look for you. You can promote your video on Facebook itself to encourage your followers to tune in, but you can also promote through your blog and other social media accounts. This can lead your followers from other platforms to follow you on Facebook if they don’t already.

Stay on Facebook Live long enough for people to discover your broadcast

When people talk about best practices for making traditional videos, they often say to keep the video short at only a few minutes long. This helps businesses capture and hold people’s limited attention. For Facebook Live, however, the opposite applies.
You want to give people enough time to find the broadcast and let others know about your feed. You also already know that people tend to watch these live videos longer than they do traditional videos, so take advantage of it. Try to broadcast for at least 10 minutes at a time.

Creating a longer video also gives you time to build the personal relationship with the viewer. It will feel more like chatting with a friend than a traditional one-sided video.

Actively engage people by mentioning names and answering questions

Take advantage of the personal nature of Facebook Live. Actively engage with your followers, and encourage them to ask you questions, submit ideas, or otherwise contribute to the discussion during your broadcasts. You can then respond to their comments live, mentioning them by name. This helps to capture the personal nature of the feed, empowering you to use it as a relationship building tool.

Facebook Live offers an incredible channel for brands that want to engage with their customers. It adds a personal element to videos and helps build relationships between consumers and the brands they trust. To get the most out of your Facebook Live stream, keep these priorities in mind for an authentic experience with your viewers.

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