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Cloud Storage Service Means Working from Anywhere

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For small businesses, the digital age is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the growing prevalence of digital communication and documentation helps you collect data and simplify administration. On the other hand, relying on complex software and large files, like videos, can also make your systems cumbersome. As an entrepreneur working on the go, you need a way to access your business even when you can’t physically reach your office computer. Cloud storage offers this flexible access so you can use all your business applications no matter where you are.

Cloud Storage Considered

Cloud storage involves data storage sold as a service rather than as a product. Traditionally, you would buy your own hardware on which to store your software, documents, and other data, but with cloud computing, you can instead pay a centralized server to store it. You can then access your stored data over any number of devices.

Cloud computing has a host of advantages over traditional data storage, including fewer sunken costs and access to more sophisticated security services. But one benefit that’s often overlooked is greater flexibility for businesses. Since you no longer have to maintain your own hardware, you and your employees can access software and documents from any location and on any enabled device. This dramatically reduces the barriers to conducting business, especially for small companies.

The Benefits in Brief

Cloud storage offers several key benefits for business flexibility, including:

  • Accessing Your Desktop– Withcloud storage, you have the ability to log into the desktop of your work computer from your tablet, phone, laptop, or other device. You can also use the software on that computer remotely. This way, you can continue to use the same business applications whether you’re in the office or thousands of miles away.
  • Syncing Key Data– When meeting with clients or suppliers, it’s often necessary to show them sales projections, contracts, images, videos and other key company documents.Cloud storage allows you to sync all these documents with your tablet or laptop, retrieving them immediately during a client meeting. Not only does this save you from having to carry around stacks of paperwork or a USB port, but it means that if you forget to grab that crucial document off the printer as you’re rushing out of the office to make it to your meeting on time, there’s no need to worry – as long as you have access to a tablet, laptop, or even your smartphone, you still have it with you.
  • Editing Offline– Once you’ve synced your device to the cloud and uploaded documents to it, you’ll be able to edit those documents even if you lose internet access. Your device will hold onto those edits and then apply them as soon as your web connection is restored.
  • Cultivating Collaboration– With cloud computing, you can link staff, clients, and suppliers directly to key documents. You can then look at and edit those documents in tandem. This makes it easier to stay on the same page and collaborate on key company projects.

Cloud storage has changed the game for small business. As a remote service, cloud technology enhances your ability to work from any location without sacrificing team connectivity, efficiency, or security. See what it can do for your business.

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