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Cause Marketing and Video

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Today, marketing isn’t just about getting the word out about a product or service; effective campaigns make potential customers feel something. Hence, the efficacy of cause-based videos as a modern marketing strategy. Videos centered on charitable efforts provide not only the viral content that every brand desires, but also feelings of goodwill among consumers determined to make a difference with each purchase. Read on to learn why videos and cause marketing are more than a mere fad — and how this approach can promote a loyal customer base:

Video Tells a More Compelling Story

Cause marketing works most effectively when consumers believe in the cause being promoted. The key to capturing consumers’ hearts? Effective storytelling. While a blog post or tweet can provide valuable information about a cause, an expertly crafted video will nearly always provide the emotional tug needed to spur would-be customers into action.

Ideally, cause videos leave consumers mentally linking companies with the causes they support. This connection is best cemented when both organizations hold similar values and use similar branding strategies.

To make the most of video’s inherent storytelling potential, delve not only into the cause itself, but also your company’s connection. What drew your company to support this cause? Why should viewers care? Brainstorm novel concepts that will excite and motivate viewers.

Develop a script that tells your story with relatable language, and invest in quality equipment for maximum production value. When in doubt, work with a professional; the investment will prove worthwhile if the end product does both your company and your cause justice.

Keep it Concise

The most effective cause marketing videos are concise. While internet users occasionally express interest in long-form video content, they typically want to get to the crux of the message when presented with a company’s charitable efforts. Don’t leave them hanging; craft an abbreviated video that shares its core message within the first thirty seconds. Few users have an attention span that extends beyond two or three minutes. The sooner you get viewers hooked, the less likely you are to lose them to other videos.

Make the Most of Social Media

Cause videos are best when they’re share-worthy. After watching the video, viewers should feel compelled to click that ‘share’ button on Facebook or retweet on Twitter. Try these additional strategies for extending your reach via social media:

  • Use different versions of the same content to reach new audiences. Examples could include full videos on YouTube, clips on Instagram, and GIFs on Tumblr.
  • Amplify social media’s impact by pinning your video at the top of your Facebook page. Better yet, link to your cause video from the call to action button on your page.
  • If you’re linked with a particular charity, cross-promote cause videos to ensure maximum visibility for both organizations. Tag the charity in your post, and ask them to do the same.

Cause marketing can help you attract new followers and improve loyalty among existing customers. You’ll quickly see these effects amplified if you use targeted video marketing strategies to broadcast your charitable efforts. Your video-based approach can make a difference not only for an important cause, but also for your bottom line.

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