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What is Website Metadata

What is Website Metadata and Why Do You Need It?

Metadata affects how a web page appears in search engine results. However, many blogs have poorly structured or missing metadata, both of which negatively impacts their search engine lead generation. “What is Website Metadata?” It’s a common and important question. Learn more about what it is and why you should be evaluating yours. Meta Title […]

Display Advertising

Types of Online Advertising to Consider in 2019

New technology reshapes the way people consume information, and savvy businesses are always on top of the latest trends when it comes to advertising. At the same time, many traditional forms of advertising continue to deliver incredible results. The world of online advertising seems to change daily, but there are a handful of tactics you […]

Coffee Cup

Top 10 Display Advertising Books for Beginners

Sometimes referred to as banner ads, display advertising involves promotional material on third-party websites. Campaigns can deliver a range of benefits, including, most importantly, increased website traffic. Merely slapping a banner on a website isn’t guaranteed to deliver results, however; modern display campaigns must be carefully designed for an audience that is increasingly wary of […]

SEO Problems

The 3 Most Common SEO Problems and How to Fix Them

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a staple of marketing since the early days of the internet. As search engine algorithms evolve, businesses need to learn how to best reach their audience and avoid costly mistakes. Wondering how to increase web visits organically? Learn about these common on-page SEO problems and how to fix them. […]

Manage Your Website

Should You Manage Your Website?

Simply having a website isn’t enough to grow your online presence. The quality, functionality, and overall value your website provides can mean the difference between loyal customers and no customers. It might seem like yet another expense, but should you manage your website or hire a professional? Learn the pros and cons. Managing Your Own […]

Advertising Agency

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Advertising Agency

An advertising agency provides all varieties of marketing services. In addition to creating and planning advertising campaigns, agencies may offer promotional or marketing services to clients. Digital advertisers generally create and manage online ads, handle social media and mobile marketing, while traditional advertisers specialize in radio commercials, TV commercials, and print advertising. Whether you have […]

Non-profit Websites

Non-profit Website Considerations

Many non-profit organizations hesitate to spend money on a website. While a plain, basic website may have been sufficient in the past, users today demand responsive, visually appealing websites filled with valuable content that tell your story. The temptation is to keep it inexpensive, but there are special considerations for developing a successful non-profit website. […]

Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords

Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords, What’s the Difference?

In today’s sophisticated digital marketing sphere, keywords can no longer be stuffed haphazardly into blog content or pay-per-click ads. Modern keywords are carefully researched and strategically integrated into high-quality content. Typically, however, these keywords fall under one of two main categories: long tail and short tail. Read on to learn more about long tail and […]

Get More Conversations with an Online Sales Funnel

Get More Conversions with an Online Sales Funnel

The majority of businesses today are represented online, and many maintain multiple platforms. Whether your business reaches customers via social media, a website, or an email newsletter, you may not reach your full conversion potential until you effectively integrate all three elements together to form a sales funnel. Read on to learn why an effective online […]

Auditing Your Digital Marketing Program

Auditing Your Digital Marketing Program

Sure, you already have a company website and are using social media for your digital marketing needs, but how well are these marketing tools working for your company? It’s time to take your digital marketing program to the next level. Improving your social media success starts with evaluating your existing online marketing situation. With the […]

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads for Beginners

Step aside Facebook and Instagram; YouTube is by far the most popular social platform. A notable Pew Research study reveals that 73 percent of American adults use YouTube, versus 68 percent for Facebook and just 35 percent for Instagram. Furthermore, as Facebook loses favor with Generation Z, YouTube remains a leader in the coveted 18-24-year-old demographic. The platform’s popularity across […]

Whats the Difference

SEO vs SEM : What’s the Difference?

Two of the content marketing industry’s most important terms — search engine optimization and search engine marketing — are often used interchangeably. They shouldn’t be. While SEO and SEM share a few key commonalities, they take two vastly different approaches to building an online following. Below, we explore the SEO vs SEM divide — and […]

Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement with Instagram Stories

Instagram boasts more than 500 million active users which represents a goldmine for marketers. Sixty percent of micro-influencers believe it offers the best platform for engagement. Instagram Stories encourage people to stay on the platform even longer, so incorporating Stories into your marketing strategy can be an excellent way to maximize your potential success. Pay close attention to how you […]

Geofencing for Recruitment

HR’s New Ace in the Hole: Geofencing for Recruitment

With so many opportunities out there, companies are struggling to recruit the best employees. It’s time to think outside of the box. There’s no need to compete for the same talent through the same channels. Geofencing for recruitment means finding candidates where they work and live. By making viable prospects aware of new opportunities, you […]

Online Reviews

How to Leverage Negative Reviews and Come Out on Top

It’s a fact of life that you can’t please everyone. No one likes getting poor (or worse, fake) reviews. But you can make the most out of negative reviews without sacrificing customers or your brand’s image. Read on to learn more. Respond Graciously An often-overlooked part of customer service is doing your best to correct mistakes, even […]

Geofencing VS Geotargeting

Geofencing vs Geotargeting and Which Do You Need?

Geofencing and geotargeting — terms that sound similar but hold vastly different meanings. While both terms denote the use of a marketing strategy within a specific region, these tactics involve drastically different approaches to geographic market segmentation. Read on for a brief overview of geofencing vs geotargeting, as well as insights into which approach is a […]

Complete Livestreaming

Complete Livestreaming Checklist

Video has long reigned as the king of digital content, and livestreaming takes it to the next level. You can stream live videos directly to your social media followers, connecting you with your audience more personally than ever before. Not only does livestreaming enhance your interaction with existing customers, but it exposes your brand to […]

Benefits of Facebook

Benefits of Facebook Video Ads

From display ads to TrueView, video advertising has long been a top strategy on YouTube. Did you know, however, that video ads can also play a key role in your marketing efforts on Facebook? Below are some of the numerous benefits of Facebook video ads, along with examples of how you can incorporate them into your overarching […]

Telltale Signs

8 Telltale Signs That You Need a Website Redesign

  Your website is arguably your most important tool for showcasing your brand, attracting new customers, and maintaining strong relationships with loyal followers. Unfortunately, many sites fail to live up to their full potential due to simple design flaws. If you observe the following, you’re probably due for a website redesign: 1. Too Similar to […]

Critical Insights

3 Critical Insights on Video Blogging

You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” Ironically, being personal is one of the most effective business strategies, and video takes it to the next level. Video blogging is more relevant than ever. Below are three key insights to help you make the most out of your video blog: Video Blogging Caters […]

Girl Smiling Shaking Hand

4 Ways HR Can Partner with Marketing to Effectively Promote Job Postings

The most effective companies are often highly integrated across departments, and the partnership between HR and marketing is particularly critical for growth. Today, it’s more important than ever to find qualified talent while saving time and money. Read on for 4 ways HR can work with marketing professionals to promote job postings. 1. Use Contextual […]


10 Tips for Talent Acquisition with Social Media

  With low unemployment comes high employee expectations — and difficulties filling open positions. Get the word out on social media where you can highlight why open positions are worth considering and which types of candidates might be a good fit. This works well not only on LinkedIn, but also on Facebook, Twitter, and even […]

Girl on Video Chat

Streamline the HR Onboarding Process with Video

The HR onboarding process sets the stage for an employee’s entire workforce experience. Starting on the right foot is essential, and HR plays a critical role in ensuring that employees understand their rights and responsibilities. The process can be frustratingly clunky, however — particularly if several new employees are brought in at once. Explore the […]

Google on Tablet

5 Huge Benefits of Adding Your Business to Online Directories

The ultimate goal of online marketing for your business is to be easily discoverable by current and prospective customers. To make this happen faster and more efficiently, consider the use of online directories such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook Pages, Apple Maps, Google My Business, LinkedIn Company Directory, and more. By submitting content to these online […]


10 Ways to Increase On-site Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of converting a visitor or prospect into someone genuinely interested in your company’s products and services. One of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads is through your website. It’s time to put your website to work for you – read our tips for maximizing on-site lead generation and make […]

Girl on Camera

Our Guide to Increasing Sales with Video Blogging

Video blogs have dominated YouTube from the very beginning, but only recently have top brands discovered their value for driving sales. Widely regarded as more authentic than other forms of video marketing, vlogs capture audiences that are turned off by traditional marketing efforts. Why Video Blogging Works Wonders Ample research suggests that websites with videos […]


Aerial Photography for Special Events

After spending hours planning and preparing for your upcoming event, you want to showcase your hard work and document it in a way that highlights its success. Aerial photography may be the perfect way to accomplish this goal. You can hire a drone photographer who will expertly capture stunning images from the bird’s-eye view. If […]

Guy on Phone

Geotargeting Isn’t Just for Small Business

These days, some of the most effective marketing campaigns hold niche appeal. But while most people associate geotargeting with small brick-and-mortar businesses looking to attract a local customer base, this method holds broader appeal than you might suspect. Read on to learn more about implementing geotargeting practices in businesses of all sizes. Geotargeting on a […]

Facebook site on laptop and mobile screen

What is Facebook Domain Verification?

Facebook is taking steps to ensure that Page admins are honest about who they are, where they are located and transparent about the content they post. A new tool is being offered, Facebook domain verification, which makes certain only verified business owners have access to editing their domain’s titles, thumbnails and link descriptions when sharing website […]


Your Guide to Keyword Research

When potential customers search for your business or similar businesses online, they use keywords. But what words are they using in their search that makes them more likely to find you over the competition? As a business owner, keyword research helps you to identify the keywords your potential buyers are using to find your site online. […]

Video Recruiting

Video Recruiting

If you think it’s getting tricky to find the right talent for your business, you’re not alone. That’s because other mid-sized businesses are competing for the same labor pool. So if you want to attract good candidates, you have to do more than post on a job website. You need to stand out. Increasingly, businesses […]


What is Reputation Management and Why Do We Need It

From social media conversations to service reviews, your online reputation can have a tremendous impact on brand loyalty and sales. Your customers are saying a lot about you online – have you seen it? If you’re not making reputation management a priority, start here to learn more. Consolidate Your Brand Presence The first rule of […]


What Goes Into Building a Website

We’re at the height of the digital age, and having a website is a must for any startup. For many small business, your online presence is as, if not more, important than your physical space. Are you building a website for your small business? Check out this overview for an understanding of the steps required […]


Using Aerial Photos to Market Your Business

Drones aren’t just for military operation; they play an increasing role in both personal pursuits and business matters. The Federal Aviation Administration recently reported that registered drones eclipsed one million, including over 120,000 commercial and public drones. Many of these unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are specifically designed to capture aerial photos for marketing purposes. Aerial […]

SEO Tricks

Top 10 SEO Tricks You Should Be Using to Promote Your Website

You know that your business website is crucial to your marketing plan, but how do you attract visitors to your site and convert them into customers? Your focus needs to be directed to SEO. Search engine optimization involves the tools needed to help your customers find your company in the vast digital landscape of the […]

Online Presence

Revamping Your Online Presence

First you were told to get a website. Then everyone said social media was the way to go. Now web video is hitting its stride in terms of content creation, and it has marketing teams scrambling for the best content strategy. The reality is, with the rapid-fire changes of the internet, simply having an online […]


Getting Great Behind The Scenes Photos of Your Business

Photos give your audience a vivid and compelling look into your business. Beautiful behind the scenes images can be used for a stronger, customized marketing campaign, and can humanize your brand. Learn more with these tips. Define the Purpose of the Photo A photo should do more than catch a viewer’s eye. It should tell […]

Planning you start up

Business Planning for Start Ups

What’s the best investment a new business can make? You may think it’s skilled employees, quality products, or effective branding. But while these are all elements of success, the most important investment isn’t any one of them, but rather something that ties them all together: a plan. Effective business planning means anticipating everything you need […]

Businesses in 2018

Best Online Businesses to Start in 2018

Online storefronts, digitized banking, and instant messaging—the internet created a whole microcosm of society where you can buy and sell anything with anyone on the planet. The biggest problem is deciding what type of business to start. As a small business owner, whether you want to expand your current operations or open a new income […]


Avoid These Password Mistakes

The password is your company’s first line of defense against hackers and other security threats, especially if you rely on online accounting or marketing management systems. With so much of your business conducted virtually, you could be uniquely vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you regularly make significant password mistakes that escalate […]

Small Business

Benefits of Small Business Cooperative Advertising

Advertising is important for any company, but it’s especially critical for small businesses. As a local firm without widespread recognition, it’s an uphill battle just to get your company noticed. An effective advertising campaign can accomplish this, but those don’t come cheap. With limited funds, what can you do? Cooperative advertising offers a simple solution […]

Man looking at screen on laptop

25 Blog Ideas for Inspired Site Content

Blogs are the backbone of modern marketing, allowing you to attract countless customers while establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. These 25 blog ideas will help keep your content fresh so readers keep coming back for more: 1. Bring Up Business Trips Gone on a business trip recently? Appeal to travel enthusiasts by blogging about […]

Woman in front of camera

5 Tips for Maximizing Reach of Your Videos

Never underestimate the importance of video. As an entrepreneur, your No. 1 goal is to make your brand stand out. But that’s getting harder to do, as consumers are flooded daily with marketing content. Videos let you break through this noise and capture attention. The following tips will help you publish viral video content, maximizing reach for […]

Man behind camera

Copyright Laws You Need to Know Before Creating Video

Copyright laws protect creative content from being used without the creator’s permission, but while many people associate the law with written content, it’s important to remember the law protects video content as well. Whether you’re referring to video content you own or the content you borrow for your videos, copyright applies, and it’s a legal […]

Two men looking at a computer screen

Top 5 Website Design trends for 2018

Success in business is all about staying ahead of the curve. The better you are at anticipating and responding to new technologies, trends, and consumer demands, the greater your likelihood of long-term success. This is particularly true when it comes to website design, where new developments are constantly changing what it takes to attract attention. […]

Man holding cup of coffee and phone

Market Your Website with Mobile In-App Advertising

Today’s market is often called the “Digital Economy,” but given the rapid growth of mobile apps, perhaps we should be more specific and call it the “App Economy.” The average tablet or smartphone user spends 84 percent of their mobile screen time using apps. By mastering the art of mobile in-app advertising, you can market your website on mobile […]

Woman at computer thinking

Guide to Increased Brand Visibility with Social Media

The primary goal of social media for any business is to increase brand visibility. You want to spread the word about your company while promoting your products and services across multiple channels. To help you achieve peak visibility using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, here are the key features each platform has to offer. Instagram Business […]

Woman using speaker on phone

Getting Your Website Ready for Voice Search

A new frontier in digital marketing has arrived: voice search. With the rise of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and other voice assistants, voice search is increasingly growing in demand. Google Home also a boasts an impressive market; between October 2017 and January 2018, Google sold over 6 million of these practical devices. Furthermore, Google claims that voice searches […]

Woman working on laptop from home

Cloud Storage Service Means Working from Anywhere

For small businesses, the digital age is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the growing prevalence of digital communication and documentation helps you collect data and simplify administration. On the other hand, relying on complex software and large files, like videos, can also make your systems cumbersome. As an entrepreneur working […]

Group of diverse people

Cause Marketing and Video

Today, marketing isn’t just about getting the word out about a product or service; effective campaigns make potential customers feel something. Hence, the efficacy of cause-based videos as a modern marketing strategy. Videos centered on charitable efforts provide not only the viral content that every brand desires, but also feelings of goodwill among consumers determined to make […]

Two women training on computer

Resources for Selling Your Online Courses

If you’re an expert in your field and a natural teacher, then creating online courses could be your next source of income. Online classes allow you to showcase your authority as a thought leader on subjects related to your business, which can help you attract new customers and generate sales leads. More impressively, your company […]


The 3 Biggest Website Mistakes to Avoid

For businesses, having a strong online presence is no longer an option, but a necessity. A well-crafted website can boost traffic and enhance your brand’s reputation, while a clunky one can drive customers away. Are you building trust and loyalty with your website? 1. Poor Design Visitors will judge your website by not only its […]


3 Tips for Marketing to Generation X

When people discuss marketing trends, baby boomers and millennials seem to dominate the conversation. In a way, these two groups represent the two extremes in the marketing world. Boomers tend to respond best to traditional marketing methods, while millennials prefer the digital space. Stuck in the middle, however, lies Generation X. Marketing to Generation X […]


Will Your Business Benefit from Commercials?

Commercials are a long-valued traditional form of advertising, but many brands have debated recently the value these slots offer organizations, especially with the price continually rising. Nielsen, however, has found that TV commercials offer one of the most trusted forms of advertising and that as many as 68 percent of consumers report taking action based […]


What Big Box Stores Teach Us about Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, you can learn a lot from the success and failure of others. Some stores like Nordstrom have a reputation for excellent customer service, others not so much… Learn about the insights you can get from big box stores. Hire and Train the Best Employees Some big box stores cut […]


Should We Invest in Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a powerful strategy that boosts your online visibility, establishes you as an authority and delivers lasting value for visitors to your site. But is it worth your time? Before you pour your marketing budget into traditional ads, learn more about content marketing and the benefits that might make it worthwhile to pursue. […]


How to Use Testimonials to Increase Sales

Word of mouth, online reviews, social media posts praising a product… these are all forms of testimonials. As a business, these first-person unpaid testimonials are gold. You can drive up visibility and increase sales without any expense to you. People trust the word of friends and influencers, and are more likely to buy something that […]

Customer Trust

How to Gain Customer Trust and Stay Top of Mind

Capturing customers’ interest and earning their trust is easier said than done. These days, your prospects have many choices – so how can you increase trust and stay top of mind? Read on for tips that will keep customers coming to you. Always Place the Customer’s Needs First You won’t always have the solution a […]

Recognized Authority

How to Become a Recognized Authority

People are more likely to buy a product or service from a business they trust. Have you positioned yourself as an expert in your industry? Your expertise and knowledge are assets you can use to draw in new customers. Learn how to become a recognized authority with these steps. Teach Your Customers From health and […]

Press Release

5 Things Your Press Release Must Include

As the internet has transformed the way we find and share news and information, one type of content has remained consistent. The press release of yesteryear has fast become a mainstay on the internet news circuit. Companies, publications, government agencies, and individuals who have a product to plug or news to release do so with […]


Small Business Grants 101

It takes money to make money, and some of the most successful businesses started with a grant. From government grants to corporate grants, there are many options available. What kind of small business grants are available for your business? Read on to understand what is available to you and how beneficial these grants can be. […]


The New Way to Advertise: Instagram Story

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a sequence of pictures, music and design can tell a powerful story. One of the most iconic social media platforms offers a creative and cost-effective way to get your brand in the limelight. Advertise to your audience in a more interesting and engaging way through Instagram […]


Is Your Business Ready to Hire a Marketing Agency?

Whether you’re a new startup or an established small business, marketing is a key element of success. Having a third party design your next campaign can reveal new insights and give you more time to focus on building your business. When do you know it’s time to hire a marketing agency? Here are some signs […]


Facebook Live Best Practices

Facebook Live videos take the personal interaction craved by consumers to an entirely new level. This feature allows you to livestream videos across the popular social media platform, directly engaging your viewers. This type of video has been catching on quickly. One in five videos posted on Facebook is now live. Viewers have also responded […]


The Top 3 Advantages of TV Advertising

The golden age of television is far from over. While YouTube and Netflix grant viewers a wider range of options away from traditional network and cable channels, there’s still something to be said for TV advertising. Scientific American reports that we have exceeded 1990s projections for two-TV households; clearly, television is engrained in our culture. […]


Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business on Facebook

With nearly 2.2 billion active users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. No company can afford to forego such a massive pool of potential customers, making Facebook central to virtually every successful company’s digital marketing plan. To ensure success on this all-important network, consider these strategies: 1. Obtain Blueprint Certifications Facebook offers two Blueprint […]


Using Social Media to Increase Brand Visibility

Social media offers a powerful tool to build brand visibility. One study found that the cost of reaching 1,000 people through social media is less than half that of traditional advertising. Not only does it introduce your organization to new prospects, but it also builds relationships with them. More than half of Americans report that […]


What a Brand Video Can Do for Your Business

It’s no secret that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. A well-made brand video captures your audience’s attention and speaks to their emotions and experiences. Learn more about what a brand video can do to boost your small business and attract the right customers. What Makes a Brand Video Special? A […]

Cable ONE How To Build Online Business

How to Build Your Online Business

In today’s market, your business’s online presence is just as important, if not more, than its physical location. Businesses these days come in all shapes and sizes, and many of them no longer have a storefront. Read on to learn about how you can build your online business. Step 1: Identify a Problem and Solve […]


The Five Strategies to Consider When Paying for Search Advertising

Paid search advertising could be your ticket to better traffic and conversions — but only if used strategically. A haphazard approach will result in dismal ROI. Ready to add paid search to your marketing plan? Keep these five essential strategies in mind: 1. Research Keywords — And Focus on the Best Ones Keyword research is […]


Digital and Traditional Marketing: How to Make Them Work For Your Business

As a small business owner, the marketing resources of your company are limited. To get the most out of your time, efforts, and budget, consider a hybrid marketing strategy. By combining aspects of digital and traditional marketing, you can infuse optimal marketing tactics at just the right moment. But where do you go from here? […]


Captivating Your Audience Through Creative Storytelling

Marketers have long searched for the best way to captivate their audiences. Whether it’s a print ad, a video or a blog post, creative storytelling will help attract customers to your brand. Read on about how to effectively implement this into your content marketing strategy. How Do You Tell a Creative Story? Storytelling itself is […]

Cable ONE Advertising Small Business Advertising Basics

Advertising Basics for Small Business Owners

You already know that the best way to find customers for your small business is through advertising. But where do you begin? Advertising online differs from print advertising, and there are dozens of types of marketing mediums in each sector. Most likely you have a limited amount of time and money to invest in any […]

Cable ONE Advertising - What Is Video Pre-roll

Video Pre-Roll: What is It and How Can You Use It?

By 2021, Cisco estimates that every second will see 17,000 hours of video cross global IP networks. Experts also estimate that more than 80 percent of web traffic by that time will be video. Video has become a top content priority for brands across nearly every industry. Not only has it become popular with web […]

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