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Benefits of Facebook Video Ads

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Benefits of Facebook

From display ads to TrueView, video advertising has long been a top strategy on YouTube. Did you know, however, that video ads can also play a key role in your marketing efforts on Facebook? Below are some of the numerous benefits of Facebook video ads, along with examples of how you can incorporate them into your overarching strategy.

Facebook Video Ads Are Versatile

Whether you go it alone or work with a videographer to capture the perfect shot, Facebook video ads allow you to use an approach that fits your priorities and your budget. Additional customization is available in the video description and the thumbnail.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg refers to Facebook video ads as “democratizing.” She explains, “Your phone can shoot a video ad, and for just a few dollars, you can reach people on Facebook.” A huge budget is no longer needed to reach a specific demographic. Of course, there is a place for professionally produced video, but her point is that the playing feel has been leveled.

Target a Specific Audience

Facebook video ads provide a uniquely precise means of targeting the exact types of users you want to attract. There’s no need to waste your effort on those outside of your target market; focus solely on the customers whose attention you are trying to capture.

A survey highlighted in Small Business Trends reveals that 71 percent of video ad viewers on Facebook regard the ad’s content as relevant. This is due to Facebook’s precise targeting tools, which ensure that those who see your videos relate to it in some way.

Ads Can Be Re-targeted to Interested Viewers

In addition to specific targeting based on demographics, Facebook video ads allow you to retarget those who have exhibited interest in your message. The platform’s Custom Audience tool makes it easy to retarget to individuals who have already watched a specific amount of your video, such as ten seconds or one minute.

Facebook Video Ads Are Mobile-Friendly

The majority of Facebook traffic now occurs on mobile devices. It’s therefore critical that you select marketing strategies that are mobile-friendly. Facebook video ads appeal greatly not only to smartphone users, but also to you as an advertiser; mobile ads have a lower cost per impression than traditional desktop ads, and they boast longer view times.

Facebook Video Ads Provide Complete Control Over Your Budget

Budgetary limitations should not prevent your company from taking advantage of a video-based strategy. Facebook video ads are cost-effective in that you need only pay for the actual number of views your video receives.

If you’re ready to take your Facebook strategy to the next level, get on board with Facebook video ads. High-quality, targeted videos can make a significant impression on your target market, thereby delivering greater brand loyalty and higher conversion rates.

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