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Auditing Your Digital Marketing Program

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Auditing Your Digital Marketing Program

Sure, you already have a company website and are using social media for your digital marketing needs, but how well are these marketing tools working for your company? It’s time to take your digital marketing program to the next level. Improving your social media success starts with evaluating your existing online marketing situation. With the following digital marketing audit checklist, you can begin revamping your marketing plan today.

Digital Marketing Audit Checklist

  • Take stock of your web presence as it exists right now. This includes doing a detailed search to look for any unfinished or forgotten websites, blog pages, or social media profiles.
  • Evaluate your existing online content. Focus on the overall user experience or UX design for each page or site. Is the content busy or does it look clean and professional? Do you have everything presented that you want to share with customers?
  • Take note of what content performs the best and worst for you. Identify any posts that skyrocketed with traffic, as well as topics that received little traction. Use this data to streamline future content to better serve your audience.
  • Take a look at which social media platforms see the most interaction with your customers. Compare this against the time spent on each profile, and consider dropping social media accounts that lack the return on investment.
  • Look into paid ads for your company. One of the easiest ways to do this is with pay-per-click or PPC advertising. Paid ads can boost traffic and engagement, especially if they’re directing potential customers to your best-performing pages.
  • Add other social media channels to your list of digital marketing platforms. For instance, maybe you’ve avoided YouTube in the past, but consider giving it a chance now. The time is now for video marketing.
  • Use live video to supplement your video content. Live streaming videos will maintain your audience’s attention for three times longer than pre-recorded content. Have your team get out their smartphone cameras and start live streaming for your social media audience.
  • Review performance reports for your digital marketing activities. This includes social media analytics, evaluations of website traffic, and reports of time spent completing these tasks.
  • Analyze how you are currently using search engine optimization, if at all. SEO keywords are the most common words and phrases people use when searching for certain products and companies online. You want to include these specific words in your content to help customers find your company.

Improve Your Digital Marketing Now

By auditing your web content, social media profiles, and digital marketing performance, you’ll have the data you need to make proactive changes. Focus on weak areas and consider hiring experts to help boost your capabilities. This will help you exceed your overall digital marketing performance goals for the coming year.

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