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Aerial Photography for Special Events

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After spending hours planning and preparing for your upcoming event, you want to showcase your hard work and document it in a way that highlights its success. Aerial photography may be the perfect way to accomplish this goal. You can hire a drone photographer who will expertly capture stunning images from the bird’s-eye view. If you are considering how drone photography can benefit your next event, here’s what you need to know.

The benefits of using aerial photography

An image taken from above, like a drone aerial picture, can clearly depict a number of details about the event, including the size and the number of attendees. Aerial photography can also give a more complete picture of how the entire event was constructed. You can capture the ambiance of the space in a more unique way than disjointed pictures of the individual parts. This gives a far superior look at the event’s design and turnout.

Considerations before hiring a drone photographer

There are a few considerations that you’ll need to think about when moving forward with hiring a drone photographer for your next event.

  • The photographer may need special permits or other permissions to fly the drone. Make sure you investigate this possibility and discuss it with the photographer so everyone remains on the same page about who will secure the permits and what the event will require.
  • Consider how in-depth you want the aerial photography to go. Do you want just a few photos from the main event, or many from setup through tear-down? Do you want video footage as well? Consider your budget and needs against what the photographer can offer you. Which photos will be the best for your future marketing goals?
  • Make sure your drone photographer has FAA certifications and sufficient liability insurance. The last thing you’d want is property damage from a drone malfunctioning over your venue at your expense.

What to expect with a drone photographer

It takes collaboration and clear communication to make sure your photographer is able to execute your vision. Here’s what you should expect:

  • When you first hire the drone photographer, speak with them about the types of shots you want. They should be willing to work with you to orchestrate these shots, and may offer some insight into other shots that might work well with your type of event.
  • The photographer should arrive at your event before the start time so the drone can be fully prepared for the job, including testing to make sure everything works as expected.
  • The drone operator should also arrive fully prepared for the shoot. This includes scouting out potential obstacles, practicing the flight path, and testing the lighting.

Aerial photography provides an exciting new way to capture enchanting photos and videos of events and venues. These images can serve a wide range of purposes, from promoting future events to showcasing your company’s success. Knowing what to expect from a drone photographer will help you get started adding these fantastic images to your marketing plan.

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