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5 Tips for Maximizing Reach of Your Videos

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Never underestimate the importance of video. As an entrepreneur, your No. 1 goal is to make your brand stand out. But that’s getting harder to do, as consumers are flooded daily with marketing content. Videos let you break through this noise and capture attention. The following tips will help you publish viral video content, maximizing reach for your company.

1. Remember to Stay Relevant

The single most important element for maximizing reach with videos is relevance. Clients only watch videos that address their needs and interests. Likewise, videos only convince customers to make a purchase if they relate directly to your products. Whenever you make a video, determine exactly why this topic matters to your customers and what it has to do with your product. Then, make both points clear at the start of the video. Potential customers will be more likely to take an interest in your videos, watch them to the end, and make a purchase.

2. Keep Keywords Front & Center

Because spoken words in a video cannot be picked up by a search engine, many marketers assume they can’t use keywords in videos. But you can add keywords as meta tags on the video. You also have the option of publishing a transcript of the video immediately below it. This way, anyone searching for terms related to the video will find it on search engines.

3. Publish on Multiple Platforms

Successful video marketing requires casting as wide a net as possible. You shouldn’t limit your videos to any one platform. It’s particularly important to put videos on Facebook where they attract far more traffic than other posted content. Publish videos at consistent times on each platform, so no customer feels they’re being left out or getting unpredictable information.

4. Include Visible Text

Many publishing platforms, including Facebook, mute the sound when first showing your videos. Viewers have to consciously turn the sound on, but they’re unlikely to do this unless you can first capture their attention. Placing visual text at the beginning of your video is the most effective way to do this. Whether by including animated text in the video or simply turning on subtitles, visual text lets you communicate interesting ideas early on, encouraging customers to learn more by turning the sound on.

5. Publish Live Videos

You can use Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms to upload live videos for your company. Not only do such videos tend to attract more engagement, but they also send followers an automatic notification when you start recording, maximizing reach for your broadcast. Best of all, they are easy and inexpensive to make. Live-stream relevant company activities, like a product launch or a behind-the-scenes look at a company event.

Video is becoming increasingly important to modern marketing. By publishing live videos, adding visible text, keeping the topics relevant, and otherwise optimizing that content, you can ensure your content is reaching potential customers far and wide.

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