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4 Ways HR Can Partner with Marketing to Effectively Promote Job Postings

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The most effective companies are often highly integrated across departments, and the partnership between HR and marketing is particularly critical for growth. Today, it’s more important than ever to find qualified talent while saving time and money. Read on for 4 ways HR can work with marketing professionals to promote job postings.

1. Use Contextual Advertising in Digital Ads

Contextual advertising is usually aimed at attracting customers, but businesses can use it to promote job postings and provide value to prospective employees. Job hunters are always discussing their experiences online, often on job forums, social media, and content sharing sites such as Reddit. By showing a targeted contextual ad on these venues, you can catch the attention of potential candidates and create top of mind awareness that your business is hiring.

2. Show Compelling Behind the Scenes Videos and Interviews

Text and stock photos hardly give prospective applicants a well-defined image of your business, but you can use behind the scenes videos to connect with your audience on a deeper level. HR knows what employees value most, and marketing knows how to best present these qualities. Show clips of the working environment, campus, and overall company layout. Film your employees in action, and interview them to get their honest opinion on the company culture, what goes on in a typical workday, and their overall career satisfaction. It all helps paint a clearer picture of your company and creates a personal touch applicants will appreciate.

3. Leverage the Company Brand to Promote Job Postings

HR knows what qualities support a strong company brand, and marketing knows how to present this brand to audiences. The better your brand aligns with your overall business culture and fuels employee satisfaction, the easier it will be to promote. Candidates who recognize your brand and can easily see what your business is all about can decide whether they are a good fit for you and vice-versa. This helps ensure that employees who make it to the next step of the hiring process know exactly what they’re getting into and are more likely to succeed. But make sure that your brand delivers a clear and authentic promise. For example, your job postings might include a few words from the CEO, key stakeholders, and junior to mid-level employees to present the culture from different viewpoints.

4. Record Job Fairs and Other Events

It can be difficult to remember individual candidates at job fairs and other corporate events. Having footage of the event can help HR and marketing analyze how many qualified applicants attended and identify those that stood out. You can also use clips from these events to promote future job fairs and recruiting efforts. For example, showing your employees helping the community or participating in a charity event can attract candidates who value corporate philanthropy.

By having your marketing team and HR professionals working closely together, you can promote your company and its culture more effectively through cross-channel outlets. This can reduce the time and cost of hiring new talent, which in turn helps the company prosper.

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