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25 Blog Ideas for Inspired Site Content

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Blogs are the backbone of modern marketing, allowing you to attract countless customers while establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. These 25 blog ideas will help keep your content fresh so readers keep coming back for more:

1. Bring Up Business Trips

Gone on a business trip recently? Appeal to travel enthusiasts by blogging about it!

2. Hold Interviews

Interview someone well known in your industry about topics related to your company. If it’s someone with a strong social media following, don’t forget to leverage cross-promotion.

3. Host Guest Posts

Invite online influencers to write guest posts.

4. Offer Guides

Customers appreciate guides that help them solve problems. Just remember to tie it to your brand.

5. Share a Story

Write a post describing challenges or achievements in your company’s history, or how your business came to be.

6. Profile Personnel

Humanize your company by telling staff members’ stories— with their permission, of course.

7. Tackle Hot Topics

Offer opinions on trending topics that relate to your product, brand, or local community.

8. Assess the Arts

Review a popular book, film, or TV show, using insights that are connected to your product or industry.

9. Dissect Quotes

Take a famous inspirational quote and interpret how it applies to your customers’ lives, your company’s mission statement, or some other aspect of your business.

10. Review Products

Write a positive review of a product that complements your own, subtly implying that customers should buy the two together.

11. Suggest Sources

Create a list of sources where customers can get more information on an interesting topic related to your products.

12. Submit Case Studies

Describe a true case in which someone used your product to improve his life.

13. Publish Plans

Show your trust and appreciation for your followers by giving them the sneak peek on your next big business plan.

14. Post Customer Comments

Have customers shared funny, insightful, or interesting comments on your website or social media pages? With their permission, write a blog describing the “Top Ten” of these comments.

15. Make Them Laugh

Have a joke or funny story that relates to your product? Let your customers get a kick out of it!

16. Define Key Terms

Help customers better understand key terms in your industry, and clarify commonly misused language.

17. Debunk a Myth

If there are any myths about your products, debunk them in detail.

18. Suggest a Playlist

Put together a list of catchy songs relating to your brand.

19. Questions to Consider

Give customers a list of questions to ask when shopping for a product like yours. What do they need to know to make an educated decision?

20. Share Success Secrets

Share with your customers the lessons you’ve learned through your hard work building your business. Give them the secrets to success you wish you had when you started.

21. Fun Facts

Share an interesting but little-known fact related to your product or industry.

22. Historical Happenings

On the anniversary of some important historical event related to your brand, write a commemorative post.

23. Imminent Events

Share any upcoming events that your business is hosting or attending.

24. Describe Your Day

Tell customers what a day in your office is like.

25. Open Your Blog Up

Invite customers to submit articles for publication on your blog.

From inviting customer insights to sharing the secrets of your success, there’s no shortage of ideas to spice up your company’s blog. Have an idea that’s not on this list? Try it out anyway! After all, you know your target customer best. Talk about things that interest them, just make sure you’re having fun and keeping it interesting.

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