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10 Tips for Talent Acquisition with Social Media

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With low unemployment comes high employee expectations — and difficulties filling open positions. Get the word out on social media where you can highlight why open positions are worth considering and which types of candidates might be a good fit. This works well not only on LinkedIn, but also on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Follow these tips to make the most of social media talent acquisition opportunities:

1. Optimize All Social Media Accounts For Recruitment Purposes

Today’s job candidates vet potential employers via social media. From LinkedIn job descriptions to Facebook status updates, they’ll scour your company’s pages to ensure that your values align with what they’re looking for. Update all social media pages regularly to ensure accuracy and visibility.

2. Share Pictures of Your Team and Workplace on Social Media

Take a cue from Apple CEO Tim Cook and share pictures of your workspace. High-quality images of an inviting atmosphere could prove far more effective than lengthy descriptions.

3. Leverage Instagram For Success with Younger Job Seekers

Young applicants are increasingly rejecting Facebook in favor of image-friendly Instagram. LinkedIn usage is also less prominent among members of Generation Z. If your business isn’t active on Instagram, you’re missing a huge opportunity for reaching qualified candidates across all age groups.

4. Actively Contact Job Candidates

It’s not enough to submit a ‘now hiring’ post and wait for followers to get in touch. In most cases, employed individuals won’t go out of their way to seek new positions unless contacted directly, but they could be exactly who you’re looking for. Reach out via direct message to express your interest in potential employees.

5. Screen Candidates Online

If you’re not checking out candidates on social media, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Applicants’ social media profiles provide exceptional insight into both their strengths and weaknesses. Think of Instagram as an online portfolio, particularly for candidates in creative industries.

6. Get Current Employees Involved in Talent Acquisition

Current employees can play a key role in your search for new job candidates. Leverage their existing network by encouraging them to share relevant social media posts.

7. Reach a Wider Audience with Paid Ads

If you’re just getting started with social media and currently lack a large following, you may benefit from paid ads. These allow you to expand your reach and share your message with users you might otherwise neglect. Use geotargeting to pinpoint local users who may be interested in joining your company.

8. Post in Industry Groups

Facebook groups are an underutilized resource. Get involved in online communities and let others know about current job opportunities. LinkedIn Groups may also help you interact with and capture the interest of potential job candidates.

9. Use the Right Hashtags

Job hunters on Twitter may search #jobopportunities, #joblistings, or other hashtags to find open positions. Experiment to determine which hashtags garner the best response. Industry-specific hashtags may prove most valuable.

10. Integrate Video

Video marketing drives far more traffic than other approaches. A carefully crafted video could be key to improving your reach among potential applicants. Footage of current employees can effectively reveal the nature of the position and whether it might be a good fit for job seekers.

Social media offers endless opportunities for talent acquisition. Use top platforms to show your company in its best light, and you’ll easily attract the industry’s best and brightest.

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